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Professional builders won’t settle for anything but the best. From product knowledge and industry experience, to problem solving and professional service, the best is what you get at Home Building Supply!

Our Experience

Home Building Supply has provided professional plan design, consulting, and CAD drafting services; building materials; engineered building components; and related services and products to builders, contractors, and individuals since 1963.

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Component Systems

All walls and roofs are not created equal. But they can be created professionally and precisely if you purchase your components from Home Building Supply.

As an experienced component manufacturer, we eliminate field-construction quality variables and human error by using proven engineering methods and precision workmanship to produce one of the best —and most accurate—component systems found in the Midwest.


& Services

Only the highest quality products can ensure that your construction projects stand the test of time. But at Home Building Supply, high quality doesn’t mean costly. By providing smart business practices and services, HBS can offer high quality that is affordable for everyone:

  • Detailed upfront planningPrevents misunderstandings & mistakes
  • More efficient constructionReduces field labor costs
  • Components are built in a climate-controlled environment and delivered sequentiallyFaster and more precise construction
  • Limited loose lumberEliminates onsite waste and theft
  • Guaranteed quantities and pricingEliminates additional financial surprises on the back end

The Total Package

Twenty of the same or one that’s unique. It doesn’t matter to us. Because at Home Building Supply, we offer standardized building materials packages or we can customize a package to your specifications, regardless of quantity or complexity.

Our quality packages are designed to increase your productivity and efficiency, which in turn, boosts the integrity of your end product and your profit margins.


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Equally as important as the architectural design of a home, is the quality of the materials and workmanship used to build the home. When materials are supplied by Home Building Supply, families will be able to see the advantages the day they move into their new home as well as after years of living there.

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